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A Fashion Day Out – The Nairobi Fashion Market 2012 Spring Edition


The 10th and 11th days March marked the of the Nairobi Fashion Market 2012 Spring Edition at the Impala grounds. The weather said fashion, it was pomp and colour, where fashionistas met the designers. Throngs of men and women, young and old alike flocked at the grounds and I was there to get you the juice and its fruit. Cameras lenses were overworked at this occasion, celebrities hardly noticeable amidst fashionistas. Local brands traded very commendably from jewellery to dresses to hats to bags to shoes to beauty and body care products to house interiors. The phrase “All under one roof” was appropriate to sum it all up. Outstanding was the originality and finish-quality of the products. It was an ideal family experience as the kids had fun, the men had a bar and Shisha lounge on the side. There was plenty of food and snacks on sale to ensure everyone has enough energy to spare. There was cool jazz music and local entertainers did not disappoint here Prudence was outstanding and Lele sent nostalgic tunes just before the event culminated at dusk.


I missed the evening lingerie runway but it was reportedly mouth-watering. Many stands outdid themselves notably trend settaz, Bahati Fashion,ChilliMango, Enzi Chic, Afrovazi, SanaBora, Zaramu designs, Fashion Index Vault,VB (By Vrins), Jewels by Angeline, Chiteri collections, Johari, Widesho collections and the fashion Warehouse.


Noticeably disappointing though were the prices and the paltry products for men. As some designers offered attractive discounts on the day, worth noting was that some were stubbornly pricy, Local fashion lovers were there not only to please their eyes but support the designers by way of purchases. The huge task to the fashion and beauty moguls out there is to find the most effective way to produce quality products at the most affordable prices. This may involve cutting your mark-up, researching and generally exploiting economies of scale out there but at the same time avoid holding more-than-required inventory.


Conspicuously missing were the “Established” local brands Kazuri, Kikoromeo, Kavekeand the like. Perhaps a small playing field but truth be told nobody missed them. . All in all it was value for money… if only they had given us a bottle of water. We look to the next NFM in October …. hopefully.



2 comments on “A Fashion Day Out – The Nairobi Fashion Market 2012 Spring Edition

  1. jjKenya
    March 26, 2012

    Remarkable coverage of a remarkable event!

  2. Kim
    April 23, 2012

    hi,guyz. check out this link

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